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Other sites in the Somang family

www.somanggroup.com: (English, Korean, French) The corporate site for the Somang Group where you can find information about everything we do!

www.isomangworld.com: Become a member of our cutting-edge ESL homepage featuring a wide range of original contents and characters. Are you a teacher or student interested in interacting with your peers around the world? Then contact us about joining our free Hello World project today! Only on iSomang!

www.somangedu.com: (Korean only) Are you a Korean student interested in studying in Canada or a Korean educational institution looking to establish partnerships in North America? Then Somangedu is the place for you!

www.somanghockey.com: (English/French/ Korean) Somang proudly organizes trips for young hockey players and their families to Asia. Come visit our site to learn about previous trips and get information about those currently in the works!

cafe.daum.net/somangeducanada: (Korean) Come and visit this outstanding blog detailing our schooling activities run by Somangs own SJ Ko!

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