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A recognized provider of translation services to the Canadian government, Somang prides itself on providing the very best Korean<->English translation service there is. We work extensively with leading forces in the academic, government, and corporate sectors and ensure that all our clients are completely satisfied with the end result. After all, we know how important our clients¡¯ projects are. Rest assured that it is just as important to us!

English->Korean translation

Whether it be a company trying to reach a Korean audience, a think tank desiring to have a report translated for a Korean counterpart, or an author wanting to have a book translated into Korean, we are fully equipped to handle all English->Korean translation needs, no matter how big or small they may be! Make sure that your project is handled by certified professionals, professionals like those at Somang Translations.

Korean->English translation

The demand for quality Korean->English translation has grown exponentially over the last decade or so. There are hundreds of companies out there who offer Korean->English translation services, but very few who have the actual firsthand knowledge about both languages, cultures, and environment to ensure that your project is translated exactly as it should be. Somang Translations is one such company. Staffed by certified translators with over ten years experience in both cultures, Somang is heads above the competition.


Staffed by individuals with ample experience in copywriting, proofreading, and editing, and with backgrounds in various academic disciplines, Somang¡¯s proofreading service is top rate. Don¡¯t hesitate to inquire about it!

In addition, we also offer consultation services ¡¦

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