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Educational sector:

Somang has a long history of involvement in the educational sector. Over the years we have worked with a large number of schools both in North America and Asia to develop novel strategies designed to help them promote awareness of their particular brand.

Key services offered by Somang to Western Educational Institutions

  • Development of brand in Asia
  • Formation of partnerships with Asian educational partners (MOUs etc)
  • Professional translation and localization services
  • Forging of market entrance and expansion strategies
  • Creation of networking opportunities (Roadshows etc)
  • In-depth consultation services

Core services offered by Somang to Asian Educational Institutions and their students

  • Formation of strategic partnerships with North American educational institutions
  • Active liaison/bridging role to ensure smooth cultural communication between institutions (follow-up services)
  • Development and coordination of various onsite programs (OJT, ESL, cultural training, etc) in conjunction with North American partners
  • One-stop service for students taking part in the above-mentioned programs (arrangement of lodging, transportation, tourist outings etc)
  • Organization of flexible edutours in the Northeastern parts of Canada and the U.S. designed to give Asian students a better understanding of life in North America

Business sector

Somang is a one-stop shop for all businesses hoping to make inroads in East Asia or conversely Asian businesses with an interest in expanding their presence in North America.

  • In-depth market research
  • Preparation of industry specific reports
  • Development of key contacts and networks
  • Organization of business tours and events
  • Professional translation and interpretation services
  • Localization
  • Bridging role between local and foreign businesses

Government sector

Asias growing role in the world has made the obtainment of precise information about this crucial region all the more important for government agencies the world over. Somang is well-equipped to secure such information for our government sector clients. Somang is staffed by individuals who have obtained advanced degrees in Asian studies and who possess experience sifting through Asia-related news reports, compiling strategic reports, and analyzing intelligence pertaining to various aspects of life in Asia. Please contact us for more details

In addition, we also offer translation services

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