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Government Sector

    • Conservative Party of Canada
    • Government of Quebec
    • Government of Canada
    • Immigration Office of New Brunswick , Canada
    • Korean Council on Foreign Relations
    • Korea Development Institute (KDI)
    • Korean Film Commission (KOFIC)
    • Academy of Korean Studies
    • Sejong Institute
    • National Institute of Korean History (Annals of the Joseon Dynasty)
    • Korean Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET)
    • Korean Film Academy
    • Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism
    • Korean Ministry of Labor
    • Korea Foundation
    • King Sejong Commemorative Center
    • Daegu American Cultural Center
    • Korean Women Development Institute (KWDI)
    • GyeongBok Palace National Cultural Institute
    • Korean Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (KIEST)
    • Korean Ministry of Environment- UNDP Project
    • Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI)
    • Korean Marketing Association (KMA)
    • Korean Transport Institute (KOTI)
    • Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT)
    • Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI)
    • Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI)
    • Korean History Association
    • Seoul Development Institute
    • Korean Ministry of the Environment UNDP project
    • Korean National Election Commission
    • The Export-Import Bank of Korea
    • Daegu Universiade
    • Gyeongsangbuk-do Education Research Institute
    • Hwarang Educational Institute
    • Daegu American Cultural Center
    • World Life- Culture Forum_gyeonggi 2003
    • National Research Institute of Cultural Properties
    • Institute of Korean Traditional Culture

Academic Sector 

    • Korea University -BAKS Conference 2004
    • International Korean Studies Conference 2004- University of Wollongong
    • Seoul National University
    • Gyeongnam University
    • Sook Myung University
    • DanKook University
    • Korean History Association
    • ASEAN Research Center
    • Korea University
    • Kwangwoon University
    • Gyeongwon University
    • Gyeongnam University
    • Incheon University
    • Hanyang University
    • Sungkyunkwan University
    • Gyunghee University
    • Soongshil University
    • Consulting -Prof. George Totten , Southern California University, ”°Song of Arirang”±
    • University of Maryland
    • Ehwa Woman's University Graduate School of International Studies
    • Sungkonghoe University
    • Shilla University
    • ChoongAng University
    • Haejon College
    • Soonchunhyang University
    • The Association for Future Early Childhood Education International Symposium, Soonchunhyang University
    • Yonsei Center for East and West Studies
    • Yonsei Global Economic Review
    • Seoul National University Political Science Department
    • KOFIC Korean Film Commission
    • Yahoo! Korea
    • Gyeong Buk Regional Communication Office
    • Anyang City Hall home page
    • World Cyber Games Association
    • Consulted on Song of Arirang with Professor George Totten of University of Southern California
    • Stanstead College
    • McGill University's School of Continuing Studies
    • Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board
    • Northstar Academy
    • University of Arkansas
    • Kwangwoon University

Books and Journals 

    • Discovery of Korea
    • Korean Cooking Made Easy
    • Korea Journal - UNESCO
    • KOREANA/ Korea Focus Korea Foundation
    • Korean Film Observatory -(KOFIC)
    • Interview with Owonchol economic advisor to the President of the Republic of Korea- Monthly Chosun
    • Journal of Korean History
    • OECD Educational Policy KEDI
    • International Journal of Korean History Korea University
    • Foreign Relations - Korean Council on Foreign Relations
    • Current Issue and Policy -Sejong Institute

Business Sector 

    • Bank of Montreal
    • California Innovation Inc.
    • Orchid Media
    • Knowledge Tree Inc.
    • Accuwrite
    • Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
    • Honda Canada
    • Woongjin Think Big
    • Optech
    • LG Industries
    • LG Construction and ANC Infotech
    • Samsung-Renault related commercial
    • Hotel Palace
    • ALSTOM Korea Ltd.
    • Impact Link Generation Ltd.
    • Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation (KTnG)
    • DUNHILL Gaming Group
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