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Somang Translations INC is an enterprise specializing in Korean language translations and consulting. The company was founded in 2001 by Michael Bujold and Young-ki You. Ms. You is an experienced translator who has been actively translating for more than two decades. Meanwhile, Mr. Bujold is a Korea specialist with over twenty years of experience in the South Korean market. In addition to translating and editing, Mr. Bujold is also responsible for overseeing Somang's consulting services.

Somang Translations was established in 2001 to address the glaring need for quality Korean<->English translations. and precise information about the Land of the Morning Calm. Over the last thirteen years, we have had the pleasure of translating documents and providing consul to leading figures in the academic, government, and corporate sectors in Korea and North America.

Some of the numerous distinguished clients with whom we have had the pleasure to work include the OECD, The Export-Import Bank of Korea, Korea Development Institute (KDI), UNDP, Korean Film Council, Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation, and Honda Canada.

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